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We have another winner!

We met Kimberly Marks at the Mermaid Triathlon a couple of weeks ago where we asked her for feedback on our Après Sport Dresses (www.tmaksportswear.com) and she won a #polarM400 GPS watch from Polar as a thank you. Kimberly is a member of the #GGTC Golden Gate Triathlon Club in San Francisco and had this to say about her active lifestyle:
- What motivates you to participate in sport? "Being healthy, strong and building a sense of community are the driving factors that motivate me."
- Have you always led an active lifestyle? "Yes, I have always led a healthy lifestyle. I was a competitive pool and ocean swimmer throughout my life and only recently branched out to triathlons''
How would you incorporate an Apres Sport Dress in your lifestyle? "I would wear and Apres Sport Dress after a workout or competition!"

Because I won, Christine Won!

Congratulations to our WinnerChristine T of Fremont, CA is the lucky winner of the Betabrand voting / comment competition for my Aprés Sport Dress. In case you didn't hear, my design won due to the most comments! I selected one of my supporters to win an activity watch. If you missed it, see the dress design and comment here. To see all of our Aprés Sport Dresses visit our website. Stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook for exciting news!! We are about to be ready to sell the dresses!!!  TMak Sportswear asked Christine... How will you incorporate an Après Sport Dress into your lifestyle? I'm excited to wear the Withings Activite Steel Watch to motivate me to stay active during my work day and monitor my rest days. I can’t wait for the Apres Sport Dress from Betabrand so I can continue the celebration from finish line to brunch! What motivates you to participate in sport? Training is the most physically demanding part of my day and yet it’s also the most relaxing. I’m motivated because competing is both a journey, through weeks of training, and a destination, to cross the finish line. Have you always led an active lifestyle? The outdoor is my gym. I’ve been a runner and a cyclist for as long as I can remember. After learning to swim last year, I embraced triathlons and everything related to water sports including kayaking, surfing, and open water distance swimming. Being active is one of my mantras. Best,  Tahra Makinson-Sanders Founder, TMak Sportswear

Too much fun here and about ready to sell!

This month has been super fun and exciting for TMak Sportswear. There is so much activity and fun things to report.

Here are the highlights:

Winning the design contest by Betabrand. Betabrand sells clothes via a crowdfunding platform with designs submitted by design entrepreneurs’ like me. The goal is to have them produce my dress at no cost to me and I get a % of the sales. Thanks to over 700 votes and over 100 comments, I won the contest!! Thank you, everyone, for your continued support!

Giving Christine Tso of Fremont, CA  an activity watch for her support of TMak sportswear. I challenged all my followers to vote / comment on my design on the Betabrand site. Because I won, I awarded a prize to one of my amazing followers! Read more about her on our blog posting here.

Creating the final patterns for the Après Sport Dress. From there we grade the pattern to get sizes XS-XL. Then we create markers to efficiently lay the patterns on the rolls of fabric to reduce waste when cutting  the fabric

Deciding what colors to offer in all three styles is harder than you think. Using black, gray and other neutrals would be a lot easier to create a cohesive collection but we are all about color here at TMak!

Pitching Bay Area triathlon clubs on the idea of a Team Dress with their team colors and logo. I think post workout and post race shouldn’t mean staying in your icky kit to show team spirit. A breathable and comfy dress is the trick! Please let me know if you think your team would be interested in offering this dress to members alongside the usual tri kit items. The dress shown here is the Podium style that could be great for clubs with their own colors and branding.

Negotiating with my factory here in San Francisco for good sample and production prices so I can be competitive with other brands made overseas. It’s tough to compete with Athleta, Prana, Lululemon and others. But I know made here in the US is the right way to go. I love walking into the factory and meeting the people who are sewing my product. It feels good to participate in San Francisco’s economy.

The TaDa Sports bra is in testing phase! This bra for women with bodacious tatas has a front zipper, adjustable torso, and huge amount of support. The factory in Minnesota has created the prototype and I have friends, running, jumping and testing the hell out of it. If you are a 34 DD let me know if you want to be a tester!

And the biggest news…I AM READY TO PRE-SELL…once I configure the website….know anyone that would want to donate time to help me figure that out?

Enjoy the last days of summer friends! Get out there!! High Fives... Tahra